Physicals & Medical Risk Assessments


We have always done complete physical examinations as part of our wellness initiatives.  We feel that every patient should have a wellness visit every year; or if younger and in really good health, every 3 years.  Only in the physical or check-up, do we look into recommended screenings, immunizations, family history, and occupational exposures. We also try to get a fuller picture of each person than we have time for in the typical visit for a cold or follow-up of diabetes, high blood pressure, or other chronic medical problem. It is not uncommon for individuals to see a physician every few months for an established medical problem, and not have time to think about the last mammogram, or if any colon cancer screening has been done.

Any surgery has risk.  For this reason, most surgeons want patients with medical problems or over a certain age, to be seen by an internist before surgery.  We need to know if there have been any personal or family history of bleeding problems, anesthesia problems, and if your heart and lungs are strong enough to tolerate the stress of  the surgery.  We send a report with recommendations to your surgeon, and if the surgery is done at Mercy Allen Hospital, can follow you post-op.