Skin Lesion Removal & Cryotherapy


cryotherapyWe can do punch biopsies to completely remove worrisome lesions and send them to pathology for analysis.

Some skin lesions are very superficial and can simply be “shaved” off, using a scalpel

Occasionally, a lesion will need a surgical incision followed by sutures to close the wound.

All the above except the shaved lesions will leave a scar, and any surgery on the skin can have some bleeding.  Usually simple pressure will be enough to stop it.


We keep liquid nitrogen on hand at all times, and can freeze simple warts, treat plantar warts, and freeze sun-damaged precancerous lesions on the face, hands and arms.

Freezing is safe, effective and rarely leads to complications.  It is like a burn and is treated afterwards by washing and application of bacitracin ointment.