Contacting Us



Office hours are 8 AM to 5 PM Monday through Thursday; 8 AM to 1 PM Friday.

During regular office hours, if you have an urgent or emergent problem, press 1 immediately when you hear the initial message. The secretary will listen to your complaint. She may suggest that you be seen at the emergency room, if she feels the problem may be life-threatening, or may have you speak with your doctor's nurse. The nurse will help you figure out if you need to be seen right away or can try some simple remedies first. We will make every effort to try to see you, either that day or within the next couple of days if the situation warrants. You may also see the nurse practitioner who is here on Mondays and Wednesdays. If you do need to be seen, there is an Urgent Care open evenings and weekends.  It is located in the Mercy Primary Care building at the corner of Prospect and Lorain.

If you have a routine question or problem, we prefer that you send us a message through the portal. If you do not have web access, you may call on the phone.  During working hours, the nurses are busy putting patients in rooms and working with the providers. They are usually not free to speak on the phone, so your call will go to their voice-mail. They try to listen to incoming messages whenever they are free and will call you back if possible by the end of the day or by the next morning.

Patients who are Web-enabled can correspond with us through e-mail. We respond to e-messages by the end of the day and typically check once a day on the weekends.


After hours, one of us is always on call for the practice for phone advice. Just call 440-774-5518. There will be an option to leave a message if the concern is not urgent, or to call Dr Newman's cell phone number, 440-935-4067.

If the problem sounds serious, you will usually be referred to the emergency room at Mercy Allen or Mercy Regional hospital.  The emergency room physician will evaluate you thoroughly and if he or she thinks you need to be admitted to the hospital, will call the hospitalist and together, they will write admitting orders. A hospitalist, who specializes in care of acutely ill persons, will care for you during your hospitalization. If we know you are in the hospital, we can send an electronic summary of your care right to your doctor.

We are not responsible for insurance coverage of emergency care. Your insurance company usually decides whether or not a given situation is an emergency or not. Often there is a co-pay for visiting the emergency room. Phone advice to go to the emergency room is not an authorization for payment. Usually, your insurance company will decide based on the treatment codes and occasionally on the record itself. Consult your plan information for your coverage description.