Forms Policy


We are besieged by an overabundance of forms mailed or brought to us for completion. Please bring all forms requiring completion with you and give them to the nurse at the beginning of your visit. This includes forms for the BMV, employment, sports, therapeutic shoes, diabetic supplies, durable medical equipment, disability, oxygen and CPAP supplies and others.  Some forms, like FMLA paperwork have become so complicated that a visit is necessary.  Diabetic shoe prescriptions require a foot exam and documentation that you have one of 6 conditions like poor circulation, neuropathy, foot deformity or other. 

Forms completed at your regular visit will be done at no additional cost, but might entail a longer visit. If you have a detailed form for us to fill out that will take considerably more time than the original appointment was scheduled for, we may need you to reschedule another appointment so we don't delay all the subsequent appointments that day. For example,  the Scooter or motorized wheelchair form is 8 pages in length and usually requires a separate visit.

Form completion done other than during scheduled visits, takes considerable unreimbursed professional time. For this reason, we charge $15. A statement reflecting this charge will be sent to you.

For forms to be mailed, please place appropriate postage on the return envelope that you include with the form.