Payment for Services Rendered


Payment in full at the time of service is expected by EVERYONE except for those individuals on Medicare, Medicaid and those with insurance covering routine medical visits. We accept Visa, MasterCard, personal checks, Bank drafts and cash.  For those without insurance, we give a discount for on-site payment. If payment is a problem, please speak with Sandra Baker, our office manager.  She can help. Monthly payments are possible. We also have the option to pay through the portal.

If you have insurance through the Affordable Care Act, or a high-deductible plan through your employer, the cost of the office visit will be your responsiblity until you have reached your deductible limit. Some plans will give you a medical debit card to be used, drawn on your set-aside funds, until you have reached your limit. Others assume that you will be paying at the time of service and keeping a record of all medical expenses.

Your account with Oberlin Internal Medicine Associates is your responsibility. Your medical insurance contract/policy is a contract between YOU and your insurance company. We will assist you by processing your claim with your primary insurance and secondary insurance via electronic claims submission. In order to do this accurately and efficiently, please bring with you ALL insurance cards and claim information. We will provide supporting documentation to your insurer for questioned or rejected claims as well as for submission to a 3rd carrier. We are using GroupOne Health Services as our billing company.


If you request a service that is not covered by Medicare, you will be asked to sign an Advance Beneficiary Notice (ABN).