Records & Test Results



If you or your insurance company request a copy of your medical records for insurance purposes, please have the insurance company submit the request in writing, accompanied by your original signature authorization and description of any information that we should NOT send. We will need a check for $50 payable to Oberlin Internal Medicine Associates, marked to the attention of the Office Manager. Once these are received, we will photocopy your records and mail them to the designated recipient. Remember that usually the entire record covering a period of time will be copied, so if there is sensitive information contained in the chart, it will be sent as well unless you have specified otherwise.

If you are transferring your care to another physician and request a copy of your medical records, please submit the request in writing to the Office Manager. Your account balance with OIMA should be paid in full before the request.


All labs and xray results will be posted to the portal as soon as reviewed. If we have your e-mail on file, we assume you are able to access the portal and receive messages and results posted. If you cannot access the portal, please let us know, so we can contact you in another way. If we need to contact you, we need to know your preference whether we should call you at work, leave a message on your home machine to call us during office hours, or leave a similar message on the Patient Portal.

Whenever possible, we prefer to have lab work drawn before the visit so the results are available to be discussed in person face-to-face. If your followup visit is within 6 weeks, the results will be discussed at the upcoming visit.