Websites & Links


GENERAL HEALTH and INFORMATION   take a quiz to see how you are doing in general with your health with suggestions to follow   government-sponsored site that's reliable  well recognized site for medical information. Use the widget on this page.   another good general site  excellent site discussing important vs unimportant tests and procedures  A blog with tools to help with migraine headaches  Best tool to help you prepare for a medical visit


INTERPRETING LAB TESTS  “How to interpret your blood tests”


Dietary Advice and Recipes   good site for health-related recipes and advice   excellent recipes   low carbohydrate diets  Low glycemic diets for diabetes  Recipes with low and very low carbohydrate  Proven to lower blood pressure  High nutrient, low carbohydrate diet


Diabetes  A 16 week program to help you lose weight, become more fit and prevent diabetes


International Travel  

Visit these sites for medical advice before international travel   excellent site for general advice as well as disease prevention  travel clinic  another site for travel advice


Mercy Allen Hospital